What LadderWORK is
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LadderWORK is a program development application, much like various commercial C or BASIC development system. However, LadderWORK is different from those applications in one respect. Other programming system use text-based languages to create the appropriate lines of code for each particular family of PLC, while LadderWORK uses graphical programming language, compliant to IEC 1131-3 / CEI 61131-3 symbolism, to create programs.


You can use LadderWORK with little programming experience. LadderWORK uses terminology, icons and ideas familiar to engineers and electronic technicians and relies on graphical symbols rather than textual language to describe programming actions.


LadderWORK has an extensive library of Ladder language idioms so it can match easily to different automation systems. LadderWORK includes conventional program development tools, so you can see how data passes through the program and make debugging and program development easier.