LadderDIP 4 is an innovative controller module based on an ARM(R) Cortex-M3 100Mhz 32 bits processor with 100 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) peak performance. This core module will allow you to build complete PLC (Programmable Logic Control) systems to fit your companies needs using the remarkable power and simplicity of our LADDER language as the PLC programming language. The module looks like in the picture

LadderDIP IV is packaged on a 100 mils (2.54mm) 60-pins socket providing the following features and benefits


• Ladder / FBD / Relay Logic programmable Embedded module
• 100 Mhz 32 bit ARM (Cortex M3) core
• Integrated 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface (RJ45)
• 27 general purpose I/O
• 6 analog inputs (12 bits resolution)
• General purpose communication UART
• High precision RTC (Real Time Clock) with backup battery
• 4 KBytes of NVM (Non Volatile Memory / Retentive memory)
• Wide input power supply voltage range (5-9 VDC)
• JTAG Interface
• ISP Interface
• 32K of user program



The below pictures show all the possible functions for every pins



• Allow to build your own PLC basing your project on this core module
• Allow you to get an IoT (Internet of Things) product ready at once
• Allow to design your own field interfaces (Relay/Opto…etc) without anyrestriction
• The module works with TTL 3.3V levels
• Ready-to-use Ladder interface running on a Windows(R) PC
• Ladder interface allow your product to be programmed by your customers (No script languages like C/C++/Basic … etc)
• Native 100 Mbit Ethernet interface enhance your connetivity
• Modern 32 bits 100 Mhz core architecture give you all the necessary computation power

LadderDIP PLC Studio

LadderDIP comes with our most versatile LADDER development environment, LadderDIP PLC STUDIO.
This software is compliant with IEC/CEI 1131-3 directive and allow you to program in LADDER and FBD Language.
What this means to you is that you don’t need to know anything at the microprocessor level such as the assembler, interrupts or hardware architectures.
This is all done for you saving you time and money.
All you have to do is program the PLC in the familiar LADDER electrical scheme incorporating switches as inputs, relays (memory functions) and lamps as outputs.
Finally, a workable solution to control automation realized in a few thoughtful minutes with LadderDIP.
LadderDIP can be mounted and programmed using the native 100Mhz Ethernet interface. This means that you can build your own PLC just providing this connector as external programming interface.



LadderDIP IV - Brochure
LadderDIP PLC Studio Online Manual (HTML)
LadderDIP PLC Studio Online Manual (PDF)
LadderDIP PLC Studio (V. 4.31.N)


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