Would you work with MicroSHADOW Research?


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Would you work with us?

MicroSHADOW Research is looking for external (really motivated!) collaborators around the world

We need the following profiles:


Windows programmers

We are looking for programmers in C, C++ able to work with Windows development environments like Visual C++ 6.0, MFC, .NET and similar tools



Embedded firmware programmers and hardware engineers

Programmers able to work with hardware and the following microprocessors/DSP(s) system families: 8051, Z80, AVR, ARM7TDMI, ARM9, ARM11, Texas DSP devices. We need candidates able to operate on firwmare as well directly on hardware. Candidates must have the necessary basic instrumentation to work on these systems (Scopes and all necessary laboratory devices). Also candidates should have the ability to work on SMD devices.



Graphic Artists, Creatives people and documentation editors

Since we have to redesign software interfaces we need graphical artists interested to cooperate with us for the creation of software bitmaps, icons, dialogs, splash screens, documentation and, in general, all the graphical parts of the software.

We are open for different types of cooperation formulas, propose your working method and we'll happy to discuss it with you.

If you are interested in one of the above proposal please send us an email at the following address:  info@microshadow.com


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