The "Walking One" project
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This more complex project show you how to rotate eight outputs. In this project we introduce a new component called DEC1-8 . This component acts like any standard DECODER allowing you to transfer a boolean information from the E (Enable) pin to the desired output pin which is selected by the S (Select) pin.

The diagram is really simple. You are very familiar with the CLOCK and the COUNTER components so you easily understand the left side of the circuit.

The CLOCK is generating a square wave that feeds a COUNTER programmed to count in the range 0-7. This value is now available to the OUT pin of the COUNTER and injected to the S (Select) pin of the decoder. The decoder will transfer the value of the E (Enable) pin, which is granted to be one using the IDENT component. Eight  OUTPUT block are connected to the respective outputs of the decoder.




Now, let's take a look to the object properties. The CLOCK generator is programmed to generate a 10Hz square wave and the COUNTER component to count UP from 0 to 7





Ok, now we are ready to run our project. Press the build all button and see the rotating effect